Red Clover Advisors

Simplifying the California Consumer Privacy Act

the problem

A complicated new privacy law in California

Red Clover Advisors simplifies privacy practices, so businesses can gain a competitive advantage through trust. With the all-new California Consumer Privacy Act rolling out in January 2020, Red Clover Advisors needed a way to simplify the law for clients and prospects to ensure compliance.

CCPA has large financial implications for non-compliance, and Red Clover needed someone to create a digestible process with accompanying graphics.

the solution

an 8-step compliance solution with accompanying infographic and landing page

After extensively researching CCPA, we effectively came up with an 8-step strategy to ensure compliance. Maze Creative designed a flyer and infographic to support the process and custom build a landing page to give additional information to clients.

Red Clover Advisors was able to use the flyer during a speaking presentation at a trade show, directing people to the landing page to request help and further information.

Assets Built for Red Clover Advisors